Domed Awnings

May 31, 2017 | Products

Domed awnings offer the classic dressy or professional profile. We see them on hotel entries, restaurants, galleries and businesses. The arched construction offers shelter from the elements and allows rain to run off the sides. Often finished with a scalloped or decorative valance, they look polished and upscale and are appealing in the curved embrace of their design.

The traditional dome is about as high as it is wide and looks great in one fabric color or enhances the dimensions with the use of multiple colors in it’s fabrication. A very high awning like the chocolate Gruet dome connotes old world elegance and provides enough profile for a striking graphic. The black and white striped dome is quite shallow, but the addition of an edged valance is perfect for adding graphics. It says, casual, café, lunch, unfussy. A steep pitched dome awning runs over a porch entry and down the stairway and might remind one of an Italian restaurant or antique shop. The sturdy royal blue awning is long and boxed on the sides for a more professional business look and is great for offices and commercial establishments. Lastly, a long high domed awning over these wrought iron gates is the perfect complement to an exterior area for patio seating or an outdoor showroom area for garden accessories.

Color, proportion and valance dressing are the three key elements to the design of a domed awning for business or residential buildings. The fabric dome is supported by a welded steel structure which provides the shape and proportions, and is mounted securely to the exterior walls. Very deep domes or a long arched construction such as the awning over front steps will also require free-standing supports in steel, wood or some combination of the two.