Fabric Buildings

Fabric buildings are finding a wide audience among the commercial, agricultural, aviation, equine and other industries. They are recognized for their economical cost and energy efficiency. We offer a wide selection of fabrics to complement the truss steel framing. Fabric buildings offer many advantages over wood or steel buildings; call or email us for more information.

Fabric Buildings are often used to store hay, used as green houses, an enclosure over a pool or for storage at the government labs and military bases. We have the ability to create a fabric building or order from various vendors. With many fabric buildings erected in the United States we find our business often is recovering these buildings with new fabric about every 10-15 years. We use industrial strength vinyl fabrics to create a long lasting, durable to snow and wind load cover for protection of your goods or creations stored in the fabric buildings. In 2013 we created a fabric building structure for The Santa Fe Botanical Gardens which have side walls that can be removed in the summer months for ventilation and reinstalled during the winter months for protection from the elements. Our estimators are creative in their designs for such projects.