Patio Enclosures

Feb 28, 2019 | Products

If you have an outdoor seating area to serve customers that can be tricky some of the time, most of the time, or all of the time you can offset those weather problems with an enclosure. Wind, rain, sleet and snow, even heat can be deflected with fabric walls. The addition of heat lamps in the winter months or removing sections in summer months will allow for virtually year round use of patio seating.

Think of your area in sections – regardless of the actual shape. Curved areas can be accommodated with panels that abut one another easily to prevent intruding wind or weather. Panels are mounted separately to the ceiling area and roll down to the floor surface. Each panel has flaps that run the length on either side which Velcro together. Inset windows or even screening in very warm and dry locations allow for an open view. Screening will permit some wind to pass but the velocity will be cut dramatically and solar screening will cut up to 90% of UV rays coming through. The fabric itself is available in a great variety of colors to complement the space. Should you wish to open up an area completely, one or more sections can be removed.

An outdoor patio area might represent another 10% to 40% of your overall seating. When the weather is good, the revenues from patio seating can be a substantial addition to your business. If those potential revenues are stretched into months when outdoor seating is normally not useable with the addition of a patio enclosure, the annual bottom line for the business changes dramatically.