Outdoor Screens for Desert Living

Jun 12, 2019 | Products

Newcomers to the Southwest deserts learn very quickly what those who have always lived here know. The air is dry, the land is dry, everything that grows in the desert is sharp as a knife and equipped with spines, thorns and sharp edges. The sun is blazing hot and in changing seasons, the weather comes in fast and hard with crazy winds, hail and torrential rains. They also learn that they will spend a great deal more time outdoors because the land and skies are so spectacular and the views are extraordinary.

Decks, patios and portals are everywhere and most people, whether they are skiers, hikers, campers or not, spend a great deal of their leisure time outside when they’re at home. Protecting your personal outdoors is part and parcel with being a homeowner and screening is the most effective solution. Outdoor screening is designed to deflect up to 95% of UV rays which keeps you and your guests safe from sunburn. Reducing exposure to UV rays also prevents textiles like draperies, rugs and furniture from fading. The dense mesh weave prevents the sun’s rays from penetrating the protected area which dramatically reduces heat. If the outside walls of a home do not receive direct sunlight, they will be cooler and thereby transmit less heat to the interiors. The mesh weave still allows air and moisture to pass through but a patio will be considerably dryer after a rainstorm as you can see in this image.

There are several colors of outdoor screening on the market but a deep espresso brown we call Buffalo and a sandy beige we call Buckskin are by far the most popular. In all and these two as well, the view is not obscured, just as a screendoor doesn’t cut the view. Custom screening can extend the width of an exposed area for maximum coverage and roll to any length needed. Manual controls are popular, but with a remote, guides are installed for even extension.