Patio Trellis

Sep 16, 2019 | Products

Everyone likes a shaded patio. It provides a cooler space to sit, protects the walls of the house from direct sun which reduces interior cooling costs, and extends the outdoor living space. Fabric patio covers, aluminum patio covers, shade sails and fixed patio roofing structures accomplish this beautifully. But one of the most appealing solutions is a trellis patio cover.

The trellis patio cover is a fixed structure fabricated of steel or wood and can incorporate straight beams or a lattice work “roof” for a lighter feel. Dark trellis framing will necessarily absorb more heat as dark colors do, and light colors will deflect more heat as light colors do. Alone, a trellis cuts the amount of sunlight passing through and allows air to pass freely, but in even a light rain, everyone moves indoors.

By covering the trellis with UV deflective screening, or awning fabric in a complementary color, protection from sun, wind and rain is increased dramatically and the area below will be that much cooler. As a one-sided ramada, air still passes freely but the ceiling is protected from heat and weather.

Maintenance requires the occasional removal of spiders and debris only, and the fabric or screening will last for many years. A periodic redo means only that the fabric needs replacing and not the entire structure.