Cool Pool Shade Sails

Mar 30, 2021 | Products

The water is always warmer at the shallow end of a swimming pool. Sunburn is more likely at the beach or the pool than in your own backyard. The sun’s reflection on water intensifies heat and UV ray exposure because it acts like a mirror bouncing the sun’s rays. Have you noticed that your swimming pool is warmer at the end of the day than it was in the morning?

We often think of covering patios, sitting areas or gardens to shield areas and make them more comfortable. Outdoor seating at restaurants, decks and patios often employ a covering, usually temporary or seasonal, with umbrella tables, a retractable awning or shade sails. But covering a swimming pool with a removable, seasonal, shade sail has the same benefits. They can be mounted freestanding on steel poles or secured to one or more surrounding structures. In areas that get snow in the winter, shade sails can be removed easily and stored for the cold months as they are not designed to carry the weight of snowfall. Sturdy mesh fabric allows air to pass through and some moisture from rainfall, but it is virtually impervious to insect damage or fading under a hot sun.

A custom shade sail can be fabricated in a huge variety of colors, and designed in virtually any shape for the desired coverage of an area. Sometimes 2 or more sails to cover an area in a pleasing array is a solution to shield large areas from the sun. Swimmers will enjoy cooler water, there may be a reduction in the growth rate of bacteria and algae in cooler temperatures over time, and you will certainly have a lower exposure to sunburn.