Pool Cover

Nov 1, 2023 | Products

If you live in a moderate climate, but don’t generally use and maintain a swimming pool in winter months, there are options. Protecting your pool from temperature changes is the first step.

We’ve fabricated and installed a full-time pool cover that actually provides all kinds of protection and can reduce some maintenance. Roll up “doors” permit air flow as needed, skylights allow light in to the enclosure, and the full coverage protects the entire area within. When “door” shades are rolled down, warm air is contained and the interior is heated by the sun coming through skylights. This feature not only keeps the pool area and water warmer in colder months, but also prevents leaves and debris from accumulating. That daily skim before jumping in for a swim just won’t be necessary. In the summer months, access flaps can be rolled up to allow for better air circulation, but the pool water will still be protected from excessive heating with the full overhead coverage. Weather resistant fabric, vinyl windows, and sturdy framing and mounts mean this pool enclosure will last for years. Much like window and door awnings, a yearly sweep for cobwebs & dust, and even a quick hose-down for the exterior will extend the life of the structure.